About us

Responsible electric vehicle charging service for providers, companies and real estate owners.

We are working towards emission-free traffic!

eChargie is a responsible electric vehicle charging service for service providers, companies, and housing and real estate companies. The dynamic load balancing of an intelligent and cost-effective charging service solution enables the utilization of existing infrastructure. You can use eChargie's charging devices to turn ordinary sockets, such as the ones in heating poles, into safe electric vehicle charging points. Users can easily, conveniently and reliably charge their vehicles using our simple mobile app. The charging devices are compatible with every electric car and plug-in hybrid.

We are working towards new, sustainable, and increasingly innovative digital solutions for electric vehicle charging. Our goal is intelligent and emission-free traffic where drivers enjoy high-quality and transparent service. With our service offering, your parking lot can meet the requirements of even the most demanding electric car drivers. Learn more about our services, and let us hear from you!

Cation Oy owns and manages the eChargie brand. Cation Oy has received a development grant from the European Regional Development Fund to add the OCPI system to the eChargie service. The project is part of the Sustainable growth and work 2014-2020 - Finland's structural fund program. The project aims to strengthen SME operations, especially from the point of view of digitalization and the green economy.

Cation Oy, which sells the eChargie service, is a reliable partner, and the eChargie charging devices have been issued with Avainlippu emphasizing its Finnish origin!

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